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Lincs Pain Clinic

Tel: 01472230915

Mobile: 07950929266

The initial consultation is expected to take between 45 to 50 minutes. During this time the pain clinician will go through all your medical history including the history of your present complaint. The pain clinician also needs to know every thing about your previous surgeries and procedures even if it does not relate to your pain. You are expected to tell the pain clinician about any drugs you are using for any illnesses at the time of your consultation and any drugs or treatments you have received in the past for your pain, even if it did not work and why you stop it. The pain clinician is expected to ask you about important family history and social circumstances as well as any allergies you know or you think you are suffering from. All these questions can be made easier if you have obtained or sent beforehand a referral letter from your GP or your referring physician. 

You are expected to fill some forms during the initial and follow up visits, which will help to keep an eye on your progress. 

The pain clinician will then proceed to your examination which will include a general assessment followed by a specific physical and neurological assessment to the concerned area/areas.

Key Benefits: 

» At the end of the consultation, the pain clinician will explain to you the findings and the diagnosis he made and will discuss with you the possible management approaches that may be possible to achieve the best prognosis.

» No one approach would be imposed on you at any time and you will have the chance to ask and get a full explanation for why and how the chosen option is best for you.

»Before any intervention takes place; you will have the chance to get a detailed explanation of how it will be done, any expected side effects and/or complications and how much it will cost you.

»You have the chance to clarify every thing and you have the right to accept or refuse part or all of the plan.

»Upon request, the pain clinician will send a detailed report to your GP and/or your referring physician unless you ask NOT to do so.